Wednesday, December 13, 2006

in just over three hours, ecbcp will be one week old!

it hardly seems possible!

today we took him to m's library to visit all her colleagues. we also took him to the bookstore for the first time, and out to eat for lunch. later this evening, j and j came over to visit again (they had come to see him once in the hospital).

tomorrow is a trip to the mall, perhaps a drop-in with the vet's office (because they have been eagerly awaiting his arrival), and a jaunt to aurora for the la leche league meeting. there he will meet a bunch of his new little friends - apparently four of the people who were pregnant at the last meeting have given birth in the last four weeks!

really, we are running out of time. we are leaving the midwives' office from the two-week appointment next tuesday to go to quebec for christmas, and that does not leave much time around here!

without further ado... my photodocumentary continues!

a slow morning wake-up

the great pirate red-sock (d, this is for you!)

another snuggle with oma

ecbcp checks out his bouncy chair for the first time (k, this one is for you!)

ecbcp sits in on his first knitting lesson (knit through front and back loop)


scribbit said...

How cute! That's all I'm seeing today, new baby pictures! If I'm not careful I'll start feeling all baby hungry. Love the outfit.

BabySpice said...

Hello all,

Oma looks great with the baby!

M looks fab with the baby!

But where is Ru with baby???

He is so handsome!

He is giving me baby fever!!

I will try and call today!

Send our love!

kidletsmum said...

What a cutie! Glad he likes his chair!!!

librariana said...

Happy One Week Birthday! (To think, Baby K is 9 weeks now.... where does the time go!)