Friday, December 22, 2006

is it not christmas yet?

i am having a hard time with how long it is taking christmas to come! all the presents are there, we have had confirmation from santa that he knows where we are, and will deliver accordingly. and still, christmas eve is still two whole days away!

yesterday, m and her mom went shopping in town for some last-minute items. i stayed home with the baby, who was a very nice baby for me all afternoon. today, i think we are just going to hang around at home some more. it is certainly nice and relaxing! get up, have some coffee, eat some toast, lounge around, have a shower, make some soup with a small sandwich, feed the baby, watch some soap operas. i could get used to this for sure! last night also we had m's slightly more extended family over for supper (her aunt, uncle, cousin, granny), so we dressed the baby up. auntie e, i think you can tell little nick to eat his heart out, because ecbcp is getting a head start on the skate/surf look!

sk8er boisnuggles with mommy
how to keep a baby (or bird) quiet during dinner

southpark lemur


kidletsmum said...

I hear ya!!! Hurry up already, Christmas!!!
Love the Southpark lemur!
Love the photos!
Merry Christmas!!!

Hedrey said...

LOL, love the Southpark lemur! it is too awesome! I like positive thinking so I am still hoping for white christmas!

I am glad you like my Southpark self. it was just too hard to hide my excited face when the words stretch and sweet and cathether are mentioned! ooh the life of a baby midwife. things we get excited about...

Merry Christmas!