Thursday, December 07, 2006

the lemur has landed!

how to have an eventful birth:
- break water at 8:30am
- have contractions start at 8:52am
- by 10:30am, be having contractions one on top of the other with no chance to rest in between and be driving to the hospital up the highway in a driving snow
- by 2:00pm, get an internal fetal monitor electrode, a transfer of care, and an epidural
- by the way, somewhere in there you went from yesterday's 1 cm dilated with a thick cervix 50% effaced to 8 cm dilated with a totally thinned cervix 100% effaced
- spend the next few hours hanging out, letting the last couple of cm come your way, happy on your epidural (especially now that your wife is no longer crying, nor is her nose dripping on you...)
- around 9:00pm start pushing
- the head is there, ru can vouch for it, she saw it and it is covered with hair
- keep pushing
- push some more
- and...
- ...
- push more!
- after two hours of pushing, your baby will still be in the same position it was before the two hours of pushing, and you will be dragging down junkies in the street to score their stuff
- have the ob into whose care you have been transferred verify that the baby is face up, and while its head wobbles back and forth a lot when you push, because you know where the baby needs to go and so does the baby, it ain't goin' nowhere
- have a c-section!


but here he is, the lemur:

yes, that really is his head, the poor thing. he really was trying to get it done the right way.

and here he is looking much sweeter, in a hat. poor thing was very tired after all the hullabaloo. now, i have to go get a couple hours sleep before heading back up to the hospital and my wonderful little family!


kidletsmum said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! He's beautiful!!! I am sooooo happy for you. Sorry about the c-section... ouch...
Does he have a name? How's M?
Lots of love to all of you!!!

MadJenny said...

Wow! Congratulations! He is beautiful! He does need a name, though we will all always think of him as Lemur. M - thinking very healthy thoughts for your swift recovery from the C-section. M and R - thinking very excited thoughts for you in your mommihood.

librariana said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm sorry you had the C-section but at least everyone is healthy and well!

Baby K is pleased that her new playmate has arrived!

Summer said...

I offer you -- all three of you -- hearty congratulation and a huge hug (yes, simultaneous)! He's fantastically beautiful. Now the fun starts!

amanda said...

congratulations you two! and WELCOME, little lemur!! I just know you two are going to grow an amazing human being :)

rest well, M!

kidletsmum said...

I forgot to add that you have one CUTE lemur! He doesn't look like an alienish newborn! Gorgeous!

Monkey Butt's Mom said...

Here from Kidlet...

Congrats to you both! What a beautiful little boy. Hope you're able to rest and get ready for the madness that is your happy little family.

B. Walthrop said...

Congratulations. He looks just like me (bald that is). I'm told by the 'rents that he also has quite the name. How goes the merconium clean-up.