Monday, December 18, 2006

mr fluffy goes to party-town

this morning was the staff appreciation luncheon at work (otherwise known as the annual holiday party). ecbcp was the talk of the party (along with baby k, baby j, and baby m - all of whom were born in the last year; the other baby m did not make it, sadly). it was baby central at the library, for sure!

i managed to take some photos before we left the house, and then i forgot the camera, so there are no photos from the actual party. sorry about that!

ecbcp in his festive holiday overalls and his reindeer robeez
(which you cannot see - that is why i told you)

a closeup of mr fluffy - this is what happens when we wash his hair

ecbcp is overjoyed with the $20 sent from his great-aunt and great-uncle in oklahoma!

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