Tuesday, December 12, 2006

proof that i do things besides have a baby

so for the past few months i have been reviewing graphic novels for the library journal online xpress (not a misspelling) reviews. here are the links for several of them. they are just in a big list, so i will give some instruction on how to find my particular reviews... each of the links below is the name of the author of the work i reviewed...

matthias lehmann
for this one, click on "graphic novels," then click on "week of november 21," the scroll through the list until you find "lehmann, matthias"

nicc balce
for this one, just click on "graphic novels" then scroll through the list to "balce, nicc" (which is actually the first one, so you don't do much scrolling)

cossette house and satoru kannagi
i have two reviews in this week's section. so again, click on "graphic novels" then scroll through the list, first to "cossette house" and then to "kannagi, satoru"

you will notice that two of the reviews i have done have stars - that means that they are specially recommended titles. from a special reviewer! i just submitted one more review today, and i have three more coming up. i really really enjoy doing these book reviews, in fact.


kidletsmum said...

I will read them very soon... and then feel sad that I can't get graphic novels here.

ru said...

can you not?
that seems very sad indeed.
what about your amazon.co.uk connections?

if there is anything you would like, let me know, and i can get it and send it...

i believe in graphic novels for everyone!