Tuesday, December 12, 2006

reflections upon being a mother for almost one week

you learn things so quickly when you bring a baby home... the first is that really, even your best friends only care about you marginally. it is all about that baby! second is that reason is really an acquired skill. do not try to reason with a newborn. it will just add to your frustration. and today's final lesson is this: if your child, after you have just changed his wet diaper, stretches his legs straight out in front of him and pulls his fists up to his face, it is not because he is trying to help you put his pants back on. it is because he is about to take a gigantic crap in the clean diaper you just put on him. his stance might look something like this:

the official "poop stance"

and for those of you who have been asking:

me and my little man

i have some photo transfers to do, so there will likely be another post tonight!!

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kidletsmum said...

Love him! Hooray for the pic of you with him! Off to post on more of your posts!