Sunday, December 17, 2006

saturday, aunties, etc., part 2

okay, so i had six photos, and blogger will only allow me to post five at a time. so you got three last time, and now you are getting three more!

auntie jo holds ecbcp

auntie jo demonstrates holding the baby while auntie je practices on the monkey

auntie je finally gets her turn

and auntie a (or, grandrea) tries her hand

okay, so that was four pictures. deal with it!


kidletsmum said...

Grandrea! I love it! I love the aunties! I love the lemur!!!

I have a photo request. Can you get a family photo of the three of you? I want to see you all!!!

MadJenny said...

Thanks for having us over. You amaze me with how you are both growing into being new parents while also continuing to live in the outside world. And you are all very generous about letting the auties take turns holding Mr. E.