Sunday, December 17, 2006

saturday night, starring the aunties!

i didn't take any pictures of ecbcp this morning because he was a mr cranky-pants, kind of like he was last night. but finally he seemed to settle down, after we left him alone with oma while we ran errands. and a good thing too, because he was a nice baby again, just in time for a holiday visit from some of the library aunties. so i took a lot of pictures this evening. burned through another pair of batteries (thank goodness for costco and rechargeables!). here are the results of this evening's festivities.

ecbcp in second position (ballet)
(auntie je thinks that he might have what it takes to be a ballet dancer)

ecbcp with his new monkey puppet from aunties jo and a
(doesn't he look thrilled? the monkey, i mean...)

ecbcp with his new monkey and skull-skully, both from auntie je
(again, that is one thrilled monkey!)


kidletsmum said...

Did Jo knit that monkey's hat??? I just, just bought black and red yarn to make something for D and that would be PERFECT!!!

The Lemur is as lovely as ever!!! Can I still call him the lemur? Is that allowed? I just love him!!!

MadJenny said...

K - I got it at the One-of-a-Kind Show. I wish I could knit little patterns like that.

ru said...

k, i have a pattern for skull and crossbone argyle socks. if you were interested in making d socks - or if you are up to adapting the stitch pattern for a hat.

BabySpice said...


Baby Spice has the same PJ's - Go Zellers'!