Monday, December 04, 2006

the ultimatum

the midwives called after we got home from the ultrasound today.

the lemur has now been given a deadline. should m not go into labour naturally by thursday, we are headed to southlake at 7:30 thursday morning for an induction.

here's to hoping that either the lemur takes after me and likes working to a deadline, or that the full moon will work its magic, and m will magically go into labour tomorrow.

no matter what, we should have a baby on the outside by this weekend!


MadJenny said...

Ok Lemur. Now is the time to come little dude! You don't want to be forced out do you?

Either way, glad for you that there is a deadline in sight.

kidletsmum said...

Now the question becomes... will the Lemur be on the outside in time for me to get her/his name on your Christmas card and still get it in the post in time to reach you for Christmas?