Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007? already?

2007. what a year. this is the year in which m and i will have known each other for six years. this will be my baby's first full year of life. this is the year in which i will turn 31 (though not until the end, thank goodness!). we are closer to 2010 than we are to 2000. it really seems unlikely. but here we are nonetheless! i have made no resolutions, set no goals. not yet anyway. i leave that for the end of this week, when we return to our home in ontario, when we can begin to establish the routine that will be our family's routine. that is the time for setting up new boundaries and whatnot. so until then, a bowl of potato chips for elevenses every day it is! (potato chips and coffee are a good combination - black coffee though. you should try it sometime. the bitter and the salty. not a common combination, but a worthy one.)

m's parents hosted a great big bash on new year's eve. there were babies galore (okay, just the two, but still), and everyone seemed to have a great time. here is some proof:

oma, sk, ru, and ecbcp

nn and his goddaughter se

fireworks at midnight!

there were more people, and other photos taken, just not by us. but don't we all look like we are having a good time? (except me, i look exhausted, apparently. and se too. but her bedtime is usually 7:30, and it was past midnight at that point...) fun fun fun!

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