Tuesday, January 09, 2007

and the winner is...


on sunday night jl guessed that when signal was weighed today he would weigh 11lbs 14oz.

and he weighs 11lbs 13oz.

way to go jl! for guessing so close, you get your very own signal button and a photo shoot with the brute honouring your good weight-guessing skills.

thanks for playing everyone. tune in for our next round of guessing, to take place before our appointment on january 23rd. you too could win your very own signal button!


MadJenny said...

Lucky! JL is so smart. The rest of us are very jealous of the photo shoot.

ru said...

well, this is not to say that you all as a group could not hijack the shoot. i mean, it is likely to happen when you are around, after all. and you are a pirate specializing in madness and mayhem! and do not despair, for there will be another chance to guess before the january 23 appointment!