Thursday, January 18, 2007

catching up on the cute

it has been a couple of days, i know. we have been running around a bit this week - m had an appointment for a chiropractic assessment on monday, then we went back yesterday to hear the results and get the first adjustment, and now she is going back again this afternoon for another. in fact, she will be going to the chiropractor three times a week for the next four weeks. so it looks like signal and i will be getting some quality time in the afternoons!

tonight we are going downtown to meet a canadian artist and illustrator, martha newbigging, who drew last summer's summer reading club poster. we are buying an illustration from the little book of big questions for the baby's room. it is cool! so we are going down to meet her and pick up the piece.

and last night i went to the kleinburg book chat. i used to lead the group when it was hosted by the library, but when they transferred responsibility for the library from a community branch to a resource branch, they discontinued the book chat group, since the resource branch had its own book chat. but the ladies of the kleinburg book chat decided to strike out on their own, and they have continued meeting under their own auspices. so i was finally able to join them yesterday for the first time - we read under the tuscan sun, which i liked and no one else seemed to. next month we are reading random passage, a great canadian classic.

and the baby, too, has been busy - playing on his floor gym, hanging out with the kitty, trying out new fashion accessories. here are some of the better examples.

signal admires his handsome self in his tummy time mirror

spitting up and punching his pineapple

signal and begley stealing the couch like the men that they are

i am such a BIG BOY in my Babylegs!

signal the breakdancer


MadJenny said...

I tell ya - that little man is showing signs of being every kind of dancer. Awesome.

That's cool that you got to go and hang out with your Kleinburg ladies.

Alex Elliot said...

Love the pictures!

False Prophet said...

How are the Kleinburg ladies? I haven't seen most of them in a long time.

Maybe I'll try and sit in on one of their book chats after JL and I finish our latest round of dance lessons.

kidletsmum said...

I want to eat that delicious little man in his baby legs! SOOOOO stinkin' cute!!!