Sunday, January 07, 2007

crystal ball

we are going in to see ep, the midwife who has yet to meet signal on tuesday morning. last time we were at the midwives', signal weighed in at a healthy (and hefty) 9lbs 5oz. he had gained a pound in a week. that was three weeks ago (or will be on tuesday).

so, since today was signal's little one-month birthday party, we took some predictions on his projected weight from the party attendees. (except for you, hc - you left and i forgot to get a prediction from you. if you would like to participate in this contest, you can leave a prediction in the comments or email me!) anyway, here are the predictions:

12lbs - sw
13lbs - jg
12lbs 8oz - js
11lbs 5oz - ak
11lbs 14oz - jl
12lbs 2oz - moi
11lbs 7oz - m

we will see who is closest on tuesday, and whoever that person is will get a prize. i don't know what the prize is yet, but i am sure i can come up with something appropriate. there are pictures from tonight, but i have not moved them from the camera yet, so i will put them up tomorrow.

good night!

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librariana said...

I say 13.5...