Friday, January 12, 2007

dare i say it?

it would appear, though i will erase this post and deny ever having entertained the idea should this turn out to be just a fluke, that we have (perhaps) (maybe) (however unlikely it might seem) established a bit of a routine. it would seem that signal likes to eat 4-5oz and then go to sleep around 11pm. then he likes to wake up around 3am and eat another 3-4oz and go back to sleep. then he likes to wake up around 6am and eat 2oz and go back to sleep. then he likes to wake up between 8 and 9am and eat 4oz, sit in his bouncy chair, laugh, smile, grin, talk to his bunny puppet (blanco - he is a white bunny), lie on the couch, cuddle with mama, then eat another 2oz around 11am and go back to sleep in his bed.

signal and blanco chillin'
this works out pretty well, since i find that i cannot sleep past 8am, so i can get all the bottle stuff prepped for the day before signal wakes up for his morning hang-out. and while signal and i get our morning time, m gets to sleep in a little bit. then, when she wakes up, we get to throw the kid back in the crib for a well-deserved and tightly-timed shower sequence!

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kidletsmum said...

Showers are precious commodities when one has a baby. I cherish mine.