Friday, January 19, 2007


remember how i said that we were going to go meet martha newbigging yesterday to pick up our art? well, we were meeting her at the starbucks at yonge and bloor.

traffic was a little dodgy because of some late-ending construction, and i had forgotten to write martha's phone number that she had sent me down in my planner. but no worries, we were only ten minutes late, and really ten minutes late in downtown toronto with a baby in a sling - we were doing pretty good.

so we got to the starbucks south of yonge and bloor (because there is not one just there at the corner), at the intersection of charles. we like this one - m and i both remembered it from our days at the toronto international film festival back in 2005. but martha newbigging was not there. now, there are myriad reasons why anyone might be late in toronto, so we waited a few minutes. then m decided it would be prudent to make sure that there was not a 'bucks at the actual corner of yonge and bloor, so we walked up the block, and verified that there was none. all the while i am thinking "i gave martha newbigging m's cell phone number - surely if she wonders where we are, she will call."

we walked back down to the little starbucks on charles, and got settled in with the baby (which involved: taking off the sling, taking the baby out of his snowsuit, having m take off her coat and fleece, putting the sling back on, and putting the baby back in the sling). then i ordered drinks for the two of us. as i sipped my sweet cinnamon love latte, a little thing pinged in the back of my head.

"didn't she say the starbucks at yonge and bloor near the toronto reference library?"

now, while two blocks might seem near to you, and to me, and to just about everyone, if there is a starbucks north of yonge and bloor that is nearer to the trl than we are, then we were in trouble. so i threw on my coat, grabbed m's cell phone, grabbed my sweet cinnamon loveylovey latte, and ran up the street.

it was 20 to 7 when i found the other starbucks.

the one we should have gone to.

the one in which martha newbigging was no longer waiting patiently for two sleep-deprived mums and their 6 week old baby to make an appearance and give her the money they owe her and claim their illustrative masterpiece!

alas. maybe we can try again next week.

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False Prophet said...

You made a tag for "screw-ups"? That's fantastic.