Thursday, January 25, 2007

the end of an addiction

my mother is an aficionado of all things korean. she is always sending little boxes of cookies or teas or sweets or other exciting items she finds at the korean market she frequents. and, for the most part, all is well and good. we have a small stockpile of korean cookies in individually wrapped packets, so if there is some sort of blackout or bombing, we will not starve (at least right away).

this year for christmas, mom sent a bunch of instant coffee in individual serving tubes.

now, i am not averse to instant coffee. it will never replace brewed coffee for me, but sometimes a nice nescafé just hits the spot, especially if you do not have any other way to easily make one serving of coffee.

but man, this maxim mocha gold stuff? it is good. like crack in your coffee cup. so good! so m and i went to t&t last night at the mall, looking for more (because that stuff my mom sent for christmas? gone). we found some - not the same brand, but the same sort of thing - and i was all excited, and then i saw that one of the main ingredients was coconut oil. now, i do not entertain the fantasy that this stuff was in any way good for me. or even not bad for me. however, the stuff my mom sent from the states did not have a translation of the ingredients into english on the package. i don't think the states require that sort of thing. the canadian packages, though, right there, on a big sticker on the front, in both english and french. and refined hydrogenated coconut oil is like death on a stick, from what i understand.

so no more instant asian 3-in-1 coffee for me.

on a side note, last night the baby went to sleep at about 11:30 or so. we put him in his bed at midnight. and he woke up to eat at ... 7 this morning! yay for us! 7 hours uninterrupted sleep! i feel like a champion! (and to top it all off, one phone call this morning actually got us an appointment to see a family doctor next week for signal's first round of vaccinations. one phone call! i had given up hope...)


BlogWhore said...

i remember the first night of sleep. it was wonderful.

more sleep to come, and still some sleepless nights, right?

my husband brought home a tone of that crap, but from the netherlands. we still have it, but it's is all crusty. ick.

kidletsmum said...

We can get that 3 in 1 coffee stuff here. I can't stand it. But ingredients are all listed. I can check if you want me to send you some.

ru said...

see, i can get it here, it's just that now, knowing what is in it, i cannot allow myself to! all good things must come to an end, i suppose! (yeah, i don't think that my new chiropractor would be particularly impressed...)

MadJenny said...

One wonders why a coffee product needs oil at all. But, I guess coconut is sweet, right.

I had a similar feeling yesterday when I looked at the wrapper of an individually packed cookie (1 cookie) and found that it had 23g of sugars and 12g of fat - 9 of which were saturates. That's insanity.

ru said...

if i am not mistaken, the coconut oil is in fact a key ingredient in the non-dairy creamer (it is 3-in-1 instant coffee because it has creamer and sugar in it). still. ick.