Tuesday, January 30, 2007

eventful tuesday

today was a very eventful day! first, we met l and baby k at pbrl for born to read - the infant story-time. jp was the librarian doing the program. he did a great job with the story-time! we had so much fun with the songs and the stories and the rhymes. i know that it might seem ridiculous to critique a story-time for babies as though it were a stage production, but really, these are important things. he kept things moving at a good pace; it did not slow down at all, but it also did not get out of control. there was a great mix of stories and songs and rhymes and things to do with actions and fun stuff to keep kids and parents occupied. and jp also did a very good job of being attentive to each child and making sure each one was welcomed and engaged in the program. we will definitely going back to born to read!

and to top it all off, signal was a great baby - he was engaged and attentive and aware the whole half hour. he did have a minor meltdown on the way out, but we think that he was a little tired and had been highly stimulated by all the activity.

after story-time, we had to run home, because i had accidentally left signal's health card in his other diaper bag, and he had his first appointment with his new pediatrician today. the midwives had given us a list of physicians who are accepting patients (or who were as of september 2006), and this doctor was the first one i called. i was thrilled to find out he was still taking patients, because it is virtually impossible to find a family doctor in ontario! so we had a sandwich, changed the baby, grabbed his health card, and drove over to the doctor.

once at the doctor's office, it was pointed out to us that the province listed signal's sex as "f" on his health card, which is patently untrue. so we have to get that fixed. but that's okay, because m had a space inserted into her last name on her health card, and we need to get that fixed as well!

signal then had his visit with dr yeung. it was verified that he is a nice, healthy baby with nothing wrong with him. he was weighed. now, let me remind you all that is has been a week - that is one week; a mere seven days - since he was last weighed. last week at this time signal was 13lbs 3oz, 5lbs above his birth weight. as of this afternoon, just two days shy of being 8 weeks old, signal weighed in at an impressive 14lbs even. at this rate, he will be out of his bassinette in a week and a half! once the weight was determined, signal got his first round of vaccinations. he was a little champ about the whole thing. m held his arms and got to apply pressure to the shot spots with little pieces of gauze. i tried to hold his soother in his mouth and distract him with a manically dancing jim giraffe. still, he shot us a look like we had totally betrayed him and then cried some. i think he would have cried less, but then we subjected him to the indignity of his car seat immediately after dressing him! here are his perfectly symmetrical band-aids (dr yeung is very precise).

after getting his shots, we came home, where signal settled right down (no lasting trauma from the shots apparently (thankfully!)). he even spent some quality time with his kitty.

they were the stripe brothers.

and perhaps you noticed the little sweater he is wearing? isn't a lovely stripe pattern?

it was a gift last night from dear auntie jm, who is now on her way to germany (which is only a plane trip away, just like victoria, only in the opposite direction) for an exciting scientific job i could not hope to begin to understand. in addition to being a genius, jm is also a fantastic knitter, so signal is the luckiest little boy around in his blue and red stripey sweater! thanks, auntie jm!

and, even though this has nothing to do with anything that happened today, i am posting a photo of signal in full pre-boxer regalia, just for his opa!


Her Bad Mother said...

LOVE those photos - that boy is adorable, especially in stripes.

Followed you over from BlogWhore's place - hi from another Toronto mom!

Alley Cat said...

I too followed you over from BlogWhore's place. Your child is absolutely gorgeous. - hi from another Thornhill mom!

kidletsmum said...

I love the sweater! What a wonderful knitter JM is! What a beautiful baby Signal is!