Sunday, January 28, 2007

fashion plate

the thing about having a first baby is that you get so many clothes. we are making a concerted effort to make sure that everything gets worn at least once (except for those things which never did fit - sorry uncles d and b!) before signal outgrows it. so this weekend, signal wore his little yellow owl outfit that l, c and baby k gave him for christmas. word on the street has it that owls are not really all that smart, but i prefer to run with the mythological status they have as the wisest of birds. and signal looks good in owls!

and then, today, for k's baptism, signal wore a red knit outfit that was a gift from f before she left here for ottawa. red is a good colour on signal.

congratulations to l, c, and baby k on a very successful baptism - while there is always one screamer at a baptism, baby k was not the one, and that is something to be proud of!

also, we have added to our collection of baby carriers with the purchase of a moby wrap. so now we have three - the new one, the original peanut shell sling carrier, and the mei tai. we love all of them - the peanut shell is great for sleeping and calming, and the mei tai is good for upright tasks and will be fantastic once he gets bigger as well. but i wanted to be able to hold him in a forward facing position in a carrier now, and i cannot do it in the mei tai because it doesn't work that way, and i can't do it in the peanut shell because it doesn't fit me. so now m can do tummy-to-tummy, lying down, and forward facing in the peanut shell (as well as in the moby if she wants to use it), and i can do all those things in the moby, and we can both do tummy-to-tummy in the mei tai.

here is m with signal sleeping in the peanut shell
here i am with signal sleeping in the mei tai (and it only looks like he is going to suffocate, i promise)
and here is signal in the "buddha sit" or "lotus position" in the peanut shell at family literacy day on thursday night (he was thrilled with facing forward and being able to see all the action)
and finally, here are a couple of the new moby wrap in action. i love it!
up with babywearing!


BlogWhore said...

i loved, loved, loved the sling. personally, i wish they made them for bigger kids... and husbands.

i even used mine on a trip to wrigley field... there, i breastfed in the dirty bathrooms comfortably with her in the sling.

rural wisconsin is very far from canada. this is unfortunate for two reasons, 1) i would love to travel in and around canada. and 2) u seem like a really cool mommy.

mamamilkers said...

I love the sling pictures! The Moby wrap seems so comfy-- for the both of you!