Monday, January 22, 2007

hop on the scale, baby

our great big boy is going for his last midwives' appointment tomorrow. (we are a little sad. it just means that we will have to have another baby. maybe next week!) and, in the spirit of good fun, we have taken wagers on signal's 6-week weight. here is our buddy; how much do you think he weighs?

these are the wagers we have:

jc - 13lbs 4oz
ja - 12lbs 8 oz
js - 12lbs 4oz
jl - 12lbs 11oz
jg - 13lbs 5 oz
ak - 12lbs 6oz
moi - 13lbs 7oz
m - 13lbs 2oz
lmc-m - 12lbs 5oz

and again, whoever is closest gets a signal button and a photo shoot with the baby! and if anyone else wants to make a guess, leave it in the comments before tomorrow morning when we go to aurora (for those who have to guess without getting to hold the baby, he was 11lbs 13oz at his last appointment two weeks ago, and he was born at 8lbs 3oz on december 7 - calculate away!).


False Prophet said...

C'mon signal, buddy, do me proud. ;)

MadJenny said...

Thanks for having us over! The meatballs and apple thingy and espresso were all delish! And the company was, of course, stupendous.

kidletsmum said...

12lbs 9 oz.

That wasn't on the list, was it???

BlogWhore said...

our family also takes wagers.