Friday, January 05, 2007

how time flies!

especially when you count it in days and weeks! so we are leaving quebec tomorrow morning to return home to thornhill. it will be nice to get home to our place and our cats and our routine (whatever that might be!). but it will also be sad to leave all of the family behind for the time being. we will miss you all!

when we came to quebec, ecbcp was 12 days old. today he is 29 days old, and while you might think that 17 days is not much, let me tell you, 17 days is a lot when we are talking newborn! much to your surprise, i am sure, i am including photo documentation to back up my claims.

ecbcp at 13 days

ecbcp at 29 days

is it just a mother's eye that sees the difference in those two babies? i don't think so... what a big boy he is getting to be!


MadJenny said...

No! He's comparatively huge! But still unbelievably cute. The button nose is just too much.
Glad you're coming home!

kidletsmum said...

29 days already??? Time does fly! What a big boy!