Monday, January 15, 2007

lazy sunday

saturday night we went to a birthday party for js and ak. here they are with their cake, which js made herself out of the joy of cooking.

signal enjoyed being one of the party people, but it kind of threw him off his schedule. not drastically. just a little bit. so sunday, he slept. a lot.

here he is sleeping in the morning.

here he is sleeping in the afternoon.

here he is still sleeping in the afternoon (he slept from noon to 5pm).

here he is sleeping in the evening.

and here he is still sleeping in the evening, but having found that most blessed and most cursed of objects - his thumb!!

he found it, he sucked it, and then he lost it again. we are torn, because it is so cute how hard he tries to find his thumb, and it is such a little triumph when he manages to get it. but we so do not want him to suck his thumb!! thankfully, he can't seem to keep ahold of it once he gets it, so we are not too concerned yet, and we are (mostly) diligent about pulling it out and replacing it with his soother. i say mostly because there is always the photo-cuteness-factor mitigating how quickly we get that done.


kidletsmum said...

That is one delicious little baby. I've been meaning to tell you that Signal is the main toothpaste brand here. I must photograph my paste and post it.
Those are two delicious birthday girls too.

Damn, but I'm wishing I was there with all of you...

librariana said...

What drug did you use to knock him out? Have we decided on a storytime to try?? I wouldn't mind trying JP's at least once as I am so fond of that location... Thoughts?

MadJenny said...

The thumb sucking is very cute.

Thanks for coming, and I'm sorry it threw signal off his schedule.

librariana said...

Did you see this book??

Monkey Butt's Mom said...

My little monkey butt found his thumb long about 6 weeks as well. I am happy to report that he quickly lost interest in it and prefers the soother.

Of course, that begs the question, what do I do when it's time to give up the soother? And, when exactly is it wrong for a child to have a soother?

Why must mommies face such difficult questions?

Signal is precious, by the way.