Monday, January 08, 2007

one-month birthday party!

yesterday, signal hit the one month mark. so we had some friends over, made some tacos, baked a cake, and passed the baby around. a good time was had by all. i can't believe that signal is already a month old. it is sort of a cliché to say "where did the time go?" and i know where the time went, really. but still. clichés are kind of like stereotypes - they exist because there is at least some basis of truth there!

moi, the cake (my baby), m (my real baby), and signal (our baby)

jl holding signal, who is intrigued by his mickey from hc

hc holding signal for the first time since he was two days old

jg and signal - ladykillers

ak with signal (notice his new socks? smartwool, from ru's aunt and uncle)

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