Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the results are in!

we have new measurements on the boy!

[drum roll]

signal weighs 13lbs 3oz (exactly 5lbs more than when he was born)
signal measures 23.5 inches (exactly 2.5 inches more than when he was born)

here is his bigness, as he looks today:

now, for those of you who had entered the contest, there were actually two winners this time around. m had guessed 13lbs 2oz, and jc had guessed 13lbs 4oz. now, since the rules state that you don't have to be right and under or over, that means both m and jc won. but since m is signal's mommy, we will have jc as the official winner.

congratulations, jc - you have won a signal button and a photo shoot with the baby!

on a sad note, we will sure miss getting to see the midwives of york region on a regular basis. sigh. time for another baby!


Deranged Squirrel said...

My sister's comments on my inability to guess Signal's weight correctly are too inappropiate to be put in writing - I will have to tell you later

ru said...

while i am looking forward to hear what she had to say, i would also like to point out that you were not the person who was furthest off the mark! just to say...

MadJenny said...

No. I think that was me. Le sigh.

ru said...

that's okay - who would have thought he would have gained more than a pound in those two weeks? right now he is snoozing in his bouncy chair beside me.

so cute!