Wednesday, January 10, 2007

though you might encounter a photo of signal, this is, in fact, a post about YARN!

so we did a bunch of knitting in the run-up to christmas, which was all given away as christmas gifts, and which we have no photos of. but, just because i have been talking about nothing but the baby does not mean that the fibre arts have been neglected fully. in fact, while we were in quebec, i finished a stroller blanket for signal that i had started knitting in the hospital.

this is the (mostly) finished blanket
do you like how i tucked all the ends that need to be woven in underneath so that it looks like it is completely finished? what a neat little trick!

the pattern is called "patchwork baby blanket" and it is one of the house patterns from the knit cafe down on queen street west. i knit it on us17/8mm brittany birch straight needles using four skeins of brown sheep lamb's pride bulky (85% wool/15% mohair) - one each in limeade (m-120), sapphire (m-65), red baron (m-81), and lemon drop (m-155).

one of the most intriguing things about this blanket is that you knit it all in one piece, but one square at a time. how do you knit a square on straight needles? well, apparently, it is not all that difficult. i had bought the pattern, read through it, and gone back to the store because it really made no sense to me. the owner told me "just follow the instructions and it will all work out - i promise." so that is what i did.

and surprisingly, if you start with 37 stitches on a straight needle

and then you follow the instructions (see how it looks about halfway through) (and yes, i realize that in fact you are now looking at a totally different square in a totally different colour, but we are looking at pattern here, folks, and i don't have a lot of practice documenting the progress of a knitting project)

eventually you will end up with a square and one stitch remaining on your needle, all prepped to cast on/pick up stitches in the next colour for the new square (note that we are back to the original green square here)

kinda cool, the way that works, eh? and finally, here is signal, test-driving his new blanket.

i haven't done the only knitting in the house, either. lettuce knit, down in kensington market, ran a deal in which if you bought a skein of savannah by the fibre company (this really really nice organic cotton in lovely sweet-tart-esque colours), you got a free pattern for a little hat, the 1-2-3 hat. here is signal in his (again, ends to be woven in tucked into the hat so we can pretend it is really finished).

we also knit hats in this pattern for our niece and nephew, z and a, in maryland for christmas. and, the knitting fairy adapted the pattern for adult-sized heads and knit it up for moi and m (in misti alpaca - so soft!) for christmas as well (with a scarf in a corresponding pattern). photos of the family in their matching hats to follow as soon as we remember to have someone take a picture of the three of us together!

more crafty posts to follow in the future - i have been baking as well... and there are more knitting plans in the pipeline!


librariana said...

The blanket looks awesome!

False Prophet said...

I see you still managed to sneak in baby pics. ;-)

Like Mr. Universe said in "Serenity": "You can't stop the signal!"