Sunday, January 14, 2007

what librarians do for fun

i miss catalogue cards.
you can make your own here.
i got there via the false prophet.

when i worked at the music library at mcgill university in montreal, there were still some older pieces that did not have electronic catalogue records, so there was a small remnant card catalogue. there were also a lot of old catalogue cards around that were used for scrap paper. i rescued some for my own purposes. i do like to write haiku on catalogue cards. i had a friend, as, and we would leave haiku on catalogue cards on each other's computers each day. (we worked opposite shifts, so at the end of the night shift, i would leave him a poem, usually dealing with some sort of library randomness that had occurred that evening. he would leave me a daytime haiku before i came in in the afternoons.) everyone should have a haiku buddy.

does anyone else miss the smell of a card catalogue?


librariana said...

I miss the wood and metal drawers. Some libraries had such beautiful wood card catalogues it made the library feel regal.

ru said...

yes - so true! no matter how fancy and flat the screen, your basic pc can never compete with 3x5 wooden drawers with metal detailing.

C i n d y said...

Okay, loving the card catalogue generator!