Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2 months old!

today our handsome boy turned 2 months old! i can hardly believe it. on one hand, it feels like such a short amount of time. on the other hand, it seems like m's pregnancy never really happened and signal has always been a part of our family. it's rather amazing how quickly you adapt to having a little one around. and who wouldn't love having such a cutie in their midst?

signal is getting bigger every day. since he is getting so big so fast, m, signal and i went to once upon a child today to see if they had any summer stuff for the babe. The ouac in newmarket just opened up in a brand new, bigger location, and it was awesome. we got two pairs of pants (one from gymboree), two onesies (both carters), and a t-shirt (from gymboree) for $21! used clothes shopping is great! m and i have decided that we are going to try and do as much shopping for signal at ouac as possible. hopefully it will help us save money to buy a house.

also, as signal gets bigger, m thinks he is starting to look more and more like his opa. here's a close-up taken this morning. for any of you who know m's dad, what do you think?


C i n d y said...

Oh my gosh, little signal is SO adorable! He has taken the Cutest Baby Ever crown from any of my friends who have children!

BlogWhore said...

what a sweetie.

i'm no expert, but those first three months flew by.

you are doing the best thing which is enjoying every minute.

it won't be long before he is saying 'mama.'

MadJenny said...

I think he's looking more and more like M. The second photo there is a full-on m face. So, if she takes after her dad, that's totally not surprising.

I love the laughing pose.

Hedrey said...

HAPPY 2 Months. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. He looks so cute. He is handome in baby blue i must say. =)