Thursday, February 22, 2007

another week bites the dust

somehow we have managed to make it all the way to thursday again. and thursday night at that. don't really know where it all went. and that didn't really matter before, there was lots of time, but now, now i go back to work three weeks from this coming monday. it was such a long time. it seemed like such a long time when i first went off work. and even after three weeks in quebec for the holidays. and even when my parents first arrived on valentine's day. it seemed like a distant time in the future, nothing to worry about. except now it is just over three weeks away and that is far too soon it can't be so soon what happened to all my time with my lovely little family? how can i possibly give up this:

to go back to ... work? not that i don't like work. but work's got nothin' on this:

well, i didn't really mean for this post to be so maudlin! but i did manage to stick some cute pictures in there. but i have to go now - m needs to wash bottles and needs me to relieve her on holding-sleeping-baby duty. gotta do it while i still can!

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