Sunday, February 25, 2007

the babe had his own ideas

the three of us were supposed to go to an oscar party at madjennyflint's place this evening. we were supposed to get dressed up and join other librarians and a fresh air tester for little snacks and commentary about the stars. m had promised her mom some pictures of us clad for the event.

however, signal had other plans. he was tired. and cranky. and then cranky. and tired. and we were not able to get ourselves out of the house. instead we watched the oscars at home in our pjs. which was (i guess is, since it is not yet over) fun, but not nearly as photo-worthy.

so, in lieu of dressed-up family photos, here are some dressed-up family photos. these are two of the poses we had done at the real canadian superstore's portrait studio when my parents were in town last week. we had a really excellent experience with them. i highly recommend getting any family portraits done there. their prices are great, and the photographer we has was really good, especially in the face of signal's mood at the time.

the three of us

his adorableness

we hope that these are a reasonable substitute, oma. see you in a week!


Alex Elliot said...

You had to change plans because of your baby? I'm shocked :) Cute pictures!

MadJenny said...

And you were, of course, sadly missed. I was looking forward to Signal's D&G shoes.

I am sorry to report that you were not a winner in the poll, though you did put in a good showing.

Your family pics are lovely.

Hedrey said...

That's a great family protrait. I love it. You guys look great. =)

BlogWhore said...

that is one beautiful family.

Deranged Squirrel said...

That is a wonderful picture. I am jealous of all you photogenic people!

Julia said...

I just wanted you to know that you are famous. I was just looking at your blog and rereading old posts because there haven't been any new ones for a little while, and I came across the phrase "fresh air tester" in this one. I read this before and wasn't sure what it meant, thinking maybe it meant unemployed, but that I wasn't cool enough to know the slang of the kids these days. So I just typed it into google, in quotes, and heddadabbler was the first result. And thus you're famous! Way to go!