Friday, February 16, 2007

the baby who looks like everyone

looking like m'amie here.

back-of-head twins here.

we are having a great time with the grands! so far we have gone out for a steak dinner, had a nice home breakfast, perused the st lawrence market, eaten dante's pizza, watched some episodes of "corner gas," and generally had a good time spending time together! just wait until tomorrow - when we hit vaughan mills and toys 'r' us!


kidletsmum said...

Oh, Oh, Oh!!! I just LOVE back of head views!!! The back of the Kidlet's head is one of my favourite things! Signal has a damn fine back of head. What a cutie!!!

MadJenny said...

That back of the head shot is amazing. Really. So cute. And funny.

Glad you're having such a great visit!

BlogWhore said...

too cute.