Saturday, February 03, 2007

fine motor skills

signal is very happy with his hands. he has discovered them in the last week or so. he moves them around a lot. he touches things. he grabs things. he pokes at things. he licks them. and he pats things. watch this video of signal patting his white bunny puppet (whose name is blanco)!


Deranged Squirrel said...

Awww. Pat the bunny.

kidletsmum said...

The Deranged Squirrel stole my comment!!!
What exactly were you watching on the telly??? COPS???
Signal is so sweet. What a gentle little touch he has. Just a charming little fellow.

BlogWhore said...

i fell in love with my daughter when she discover the use of her hands. before then, her placid mobility bored me to tears. now she is eight months old and she waves, claps, does this weird hitler-like salute and raises her hands like the pope.


ru said...


no, we were not watching cops. we were watching "spike tv's most amazing videos," in fact. it was a scene in which a mother and her two daughters got hit by a car.

if cops had been on, though, we would have been watching it.

False Prophet said...

I love the dichotomy between the TV dialogue and signal's discovery of fine motor control and blanco.

Alex Elliot said...

So sweet! My baby is currently in love with his toes. I tagged you on my blog to tell 6 interesting things about yourself.