Friday, February 02, 2007

happy groundhog day!

it is a momentous day! ol' phil down in pennsylvania has predicted an early spring for this year. haven't been able to find out yet what wiarton willie had to say, but i did manage to find this gem while i was looking.

now, i realize that the story is about three years old, but i think that it is important that we keep an eye on the behaviour of our public figures.

in addition to being groundhog day, today is my second anniversary of being a permanent resident of canada. as of today, i am qualified to apply for my canadian citizenship. that is in the works, as soon i return to work and the money is a little more free-flowing around here!

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MadJenny said...

Dude! That's exciting! I can't actually believe that I've known you guys for more than two years already. That's a super milestone.