Tuesday, February 27, 2007

let sleeping babies lie

this is signal after he fell asleep for the night last night. he was just too cute, in his "bearly sleeping" hatley pjs that he got from b & s.

having him fall asleep on m or i every night is the best. we love to snuggle and cuddle him to sleep. and i know that the people who believe in ferberizing think we're crazy for cuddling, snuggling or rocking signal to sleep every night, but we don't care. because babies are only little once. and somehow, we doubt that we'll be rocking our 16-year-old to sleep.


MadJenny said...

you mean you're not going to be crawling through your married son's window to rock him to sleep at night?

I think signal is already showing the positive signs of being so nurtured. How far ahead of the curve is he in so many developmental areas? So there ferberizers.

librariana said...

I almost went with the ferber method as K would not go down for a nap even with a nice long cuddle. As it turns out, she was feeling a little bit chilly. So we put her into a sleep sac, cuddled her, back to sleep she easily goes!

ru said...

hooray for you and baby k! i am glad that you guys got that figured out. signal and i are guessing that a nice warm cuddle is waaaayyy better than crying it out.