Monday, February 12, 2007

our baby, our statement

because you can only control what your children wear for so long, we were really happy to find out that this shirt from auntie ka fits. okay, it's a bit big. but if you want your baby to wear something more than once, you have to put in on them when it's too big, and then again when it's too small.

i think it's super-cute. and it's not like it isn't true... signal sure does love his mommies!


kidletsmum said...

It's a great shirt! When will he wear," I was hatched by two chicks?"

BlogWhore said...

suggested post here... take it or leave it.

it has been my experience, feminist and what not, that the majority of the baby-wrangling befalls me. this is not because my husband drinks beer and works on his car all night.

it just is because, well, it's almost biological.

be there two mommies in your mix, this must create a wonderful enviroment of sharing baby duties.

but who does more? who less?

let us have it...

Alex Elliot said...

I love the shirt!!!