Saturday, February 10, 2007

saturday at the movies

here is a little movie of signal, trying to grab his soother off his own chest with his mouth. he does this now, and it is one of the funniest thing i have ever seen! you will notice near the end of the video that i am laughing (and loudly since i am the one holding the camera) - please ignore me. i either had to laugh out loud or drop into convulsions from trying not to laugh. also, the soundtrack for today's video is a disney world commercial. all the soundtracks are from the tv. we watch a lot of tv. we are a tv family. in fact, you might want to turn the sound down a bit on this one, because it's a little loud. but i think that the music provides a nice dramatic flair. so here is signal, out for an afternoon of soother fishing.


kidletsmum said...

Does he ever succeed???

ru said...

nope - not yet. we are kind and gentle enough to finally put it back in his mouth after about three or four tries. but we also think is it important to allow him to keep trying!

kidletsmum said...

indeed! and it's so darned cute!

so I just accidentally sent you a copy of an email about my step-nephew's birthday gift... informing you that you're getting a subscription to National Geographic and a rocking astronomy puzzle. Then I realised what I'd done and sent you an apology. Then they both got returned-- it was your old yahoo account... phew. I could have gotten away with the whole embarassing affair if I hadn't popped and here and told you... but now it's too late for that. Not to mention, my bro will get the email and wonder why i've sent it to some person named (insert your name here)