Monday, February 05, 2007

tag, i'm it!

woohoo! i've been tagged for the first time! you like me! you really like me!

("tag?" you say. "what is she on about now?")

alex elliot over at formula fed and flexible parenting had to write 6 weird things about herself and tag 6 more bloggers (she, in turn, was tagged by the queen of the bad mommies). i am one of the lucky 6 tagged.

so here are 6 weird or otherwise unknown things about me:

1) my imaginary friend when i was little was named mrs mcwhorter. she was an older lady who gave me band-aids when i fell and hurt myself.

2) i review graphic novels for library journal. in fact, right now i should be working on my review of vagabond, vol. 24 by takehiko inoue. instead i am playing blog-tag!

3) i have a "rubbie book." it is a little book (the book of common prayer, in fact) that i like to hold and rub the edgings of the pages. in fact, i like to rub all kinds of books (unless they are rough). i have a thing for smooth textures.

4) i have a container fetish - boxes, bowls, pots, cans, bags - anything that you can put other things into.

5) when i was a little kid, my favourite thing to listen to on my record player was a set of phonics records. i still remember the rhyme used to teach the vowel sounds (sounds mind you, keep that in mind as you read this) : lady, i owe you some sugar.

6) my favourite game in fifth grade was one my friend becky and i made up. it was called "30-second laundry service." we held a plastic laundry basket between us and ran a complicated and circuitous route through the hall of my home (which is impressive since there was just the one hall) from each bedroom (which was a separate apartment in the game) to the laundry room and back. we would run and run and run with this basket between us until we collapsed with exhaustion. which back then probably took two hours. i get tired now just thinking about it!

and there you have it! 6 things you wish you had never had to know about me! so i am going to tag: kidlet's mum, the false prophet, the deranged squirrel, mad jenny, blogwhore, and alley cat. oh this is so much fun!


kidletsmum said...

I'll do mine shortly... although I can't imagine who I will tag, since you've tagged almost all of my blogging contacts...

ru said...

surely there are other blogs you read that you are just a lurker on!

kidletsmum said...

okay... mine is up..