Thursday, March 15, 2007

by way of apology

... for having been gone for so long from the blog: some recent pictures of the baby and a fun list! i would write about the fact that i am going back to work on tuesday and will miss my baby, but last time i did that, i was accused of whining, so i will henceforth keep my emotional life to myself!

we had a good time in quebec city. the shannon irish show was a huge success (as it always is), and signal behaved like a champion. we did fun things like play rukshuk, watch tv, sit around, eat gingerbread, and take a walk. we saw family, friends, pets, plants, and the weirdest time change yet.

so we begin with the recent photos.

here is signal with his cousin ck. note the similarity in eye colour.

here is signal "enjoying" the irish show in his oma's arms.

here is m, singing her little heart out while ss accompanies on the guitar. this is not what signal was "enjoying" because during m's song, he cried.

and here is the boy, showing off how big he is getting! (nice to see him in relation to something - gives you some idea of the proportions...)

and, of course, the requisite close-up!

i have some little video clips i took of the show this year, and as soon as i get them uploaded, i will post them. you must wait with bated breath!

and to close, the fun little list.

ways in which we have hurt or damaged signal in his first 3 months

1. bonked head on doorframe while trying to turn off light switch (blame late-night feeding)
2. clipped heel of hand in buckle on change table strap (blame newly discovered hands and their wild movements)
3. clipped face in buckle on car seat (blame highly uncoordinated parental figure and very large face on very large baby head)
4. dropped can of soda on face while putting car seat in its base (blame clumsy parent carrying lazy man's load)
5. whacked head on door frame of car putting baby into car seat (blame big baby head)

m and i thought that altogether, we are not doing too badly. i mean, when you consider that we have hit 14 weeks and neither of us has managed to drop him or allow him to fall off something - that's pretty impressive! but then, perhaps his lack of injury is directly proportional to the fact that we are always letting other, more cautious, people hold him... you can leave your guesses as to which mom did which injury in the comments, if you are feeling up for a quiz show challenge.


Alex Elliot said...

It sounds like you're doing great! I have many similar stories. I also had an issue with the carseat clip with my younger son even though I had used the exact carseat with my older one. Cute photos!

MadJenny said...

Ok. Can I just say. I LOVE the one of him sitting up in the chair looking soooo teeny, but in such a big boy pose. So cute.

And really, 5 minor injuries in 14 weeks? That's not bad at all.

kidletsmum said...

Work. ((shudder))

That's not too bad on the injury front. If you read my blog, you know that the Kidlet is an accident machine... I won't even try to count the number of injuries she's sustained since birth. D is the only one to drop her yet, though. Phew.

I'll guess that most of the list can be attributed to M. Just a guess. I seem to remember her telling me she was clumsy.