Monday, March 19, 2007

check THIS out!

so, like i promised, here are some video clips from the 2007 shannon irish show. unfortunately, since i was working the lights during the first (the dancing) half, i do not have any clips of the shannon irish dancers. however, i have bagpipes, the bodhran (a drum), and the fiddle - and all of that is almost as good.

so first, here is a clip of dm (a ukrainian from calgary who plays scottish bagpipes at the irish show) playing his pipes with jt on bodhran .

next we have dc, m's ex, playing a set of tunes on his fiddle. his playing is achingly lovely, as always. i think that perhaps everyone that hears dc play is a little bit in love with him!

now listen to that and try to tell me that you wouldn't take him home with you!

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MadJenny said...

Ya. He's an amazing fiddle player. And the piper is great too. Thanks. Irish folk music is so uplifting, even when it is sorrowful. I don't know what it is. Something about it is just so elemental that it feels like you're listening to it from inside yourself.