Friday, March 30, 2007

for uncle j

My very good friend, Signal's uncle J, gave him two pairs of Carhartt overalls soon after he was born. For those of you not familiar with Carhartts, they are a brand of work clothing used by outdoorsy-types everywhere. You can check out their stuff here. Please note that if you are looking for overalls, Carhartt calls them "bibs."

Signal's smaller pair of overalls now fits. So he wore them yesterday to do all of the rugged things that a 4 month-old is apt to do... drink milk, poop, ride in his stroller, play with blocks. He seemed to really like them a lot. I like them too, because they are actually long in the legs. I find that often, baby overalls have really long bodies and short legs, which makes for a bizarre fit. But these were great!

Signal makes a funny face at the camera

Carhartts help me be rugged with my blocks!

It became obvious to me as I was dressing Signal, however, that Carhartt must use the same tags in all of their clothing. Here, word for word, is the warning on the label on the inside of his overalls:

All persons exposed to unusual hazards
of clothing ignition, especially welders;

I promise not to let Signal wear his overalls while welding. If he wants to weld, I'll ask uncle J to get him a pair of flame-resistant Carharrts.


BlogWhore said...

too cute.

too cute.

kidletsmum said...

I looooove Carhartt's! I wish I had gotten some for the Kidlet!

Soon I will be good and do my real moms thing. Promise.

Julia said...

So sweet. I've always had a soft spot for a handsome man wearing anything Carhartt.