Sunday, March 25, 2007

my mei tai

Ru added me as a contributor to the blog now that I am on mat leave and have more time than her for this kind of thing. Hooray!

This week we started wearing Signal in our mei tai on our backs. Shhhh. Don't tell. He's technically too young to be riding around on our backs, but at 17.5lbs, he is starting to get too heavy to carry around on our fronts all them time.

As much as I love my Peanut Shell, it is starting to kill my shoulder when I carry him in cradle hold, and he is still too small to do a hip carry. So the mei tai it is. We purchased our mei tai from It's awesome and really comfortable. We went for a walk with Signal on Ru's back, and he loved it. He looked around at the trees and the cars and was mesmerized. I also wore him on my back a bit this week to go down to the laundry room (we don't have a washer and dryer in our apartment.) He liked that too!

Although I do love the mei tai, I am coveting our next baby carrier. The mei tai is great, but if Signal wants out of it when we are out and about, it has really long straps and is kind of hard to deal with. So... I want an Ergo. It is a structured carrier like a Bjorn, but it is ergonomically correct so that the baby is not hanging from his/her crotch. Their weight is properly distributed on their bums. I am hoping that perhaps we will get some Easter money from our extended family to put towards one. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck :)


Alex Elliot said...

I have a Baby Bjorn but both of my kids outgrew it before they could walk. I personally never thought it looked too comfortable for them once they got out of the newborn stage. I guess I should say that I tagged this blog for a Real Moms post since both of you are contributors now :) Please don't feel pressured to do it.

Azura said...

mmm... mai tai

Drea said...

I love Mei Tais :-) My lil boy isnt big enough to use it yet. I used it with my 2 yr old though. Worked great. I use a ring sling and a Moby Wrap mostly.