Tuesday, March 27, 2007

real moms come in pairs

so in a very exciting development, we (and i say we because m is now an OFFICIAL contributor to the blog instead of posting as me most of the time) got tagged by alex. the task is this:
1) complete the phrase "real moms..." (which i did - see title line)
2) add an explanation and a photo
3) complete the phrase "real moms making..."
4) tag other moms to keep it rolling

fun fun! i love memes and blog-tag (i hate real tag because it involves running, except freeze tag, which stops the running as long as you are willing to let yourself get caught)! so here it is. real moms come in pairs.

don't let anyone ever think that we made the decision to have a child lightly. even in canada, which is a much more accepting society for our family, there is a great deal to be weighed when deciding to have a child within a family structure outside the ordinary. (i don't like to say normal. i think of a quote from a utah phillips story: "he is normal; what you meant to say was average." we are normal, but we might not be average!) two women parenting a child (especially a child we conceived at home and carried to term ourselves) carries with it the same sort of import that was associated with mixed-race children where i grew up. the general idea was "of course it's not wrong, but why would you go out of your way to have a child that is different and make his life even more difficult than life already is?" (except that in our case, there is still a strong element of wrong!)

the fact of the matter is, we chose to have a child because we think that together we can make damn good parents. we think that as individuals and as a couple, we have the resources and the capacities to raise our son up to be a worthwhile and strong man - a man who will live rightly in the world.

so that is all well and good. point made, point taken, project begun. but why are we so very public with the life of our little family? well, that is a lot easier. having made the decision to become parents, and having been blessed with the most wonderful son ever, it is essential for us to be as visible as possible in our communities. the strongest weapon against ignorance is knowledge. while that is a bit tautological, it is nonetheless true. we want people to see and know our family, to meet us and love us and to realize that not being average does not make us not normal. so, welcome to our little family!

there is more than enough love to go around!

real moms making it up each day.

and now i tag: librariana and kidlet's mum.


Alex Elliot said...

You have a beautiful family and that was a beautiful post!

librariana said...

Oi, now you're making me think.

kidletsmum said...

I will think up something. It might take a day or two.

I think you're fabulous parents, BTW. I definitely treasure the input I get from you!

BlogWhore said...

i think u make damn good parents, too.

p.s. i've got a new url.

MadJenny said...

I love this post. In my heightened emotional state it made me all teary. I only hope I'll be like you two when I have a baby sometime.

librariana said...

Oi. This is hard, thinking that is...

Alex Elliot said...

So of course I just had to give you a Thinking Blogger Award!