Saturday, March 17, 2007

signal size update

happy st. patrick's day everyone!

in celebration, we wanted to post an update on signal's particulars. we had our 3 month well-baby visit with signal's pediatrician yesterday. here is more about our amazing boy.

weight: 17lbs 4oz (>95th percentile)
height: 25 in (75th percentile)
head circumference: 17.5 in (>95th percentile)

he sure is one big boy. when we took the above picture of him on the couch, m thought that he looked more like a toddler than a 3 month-old. where did our little baby go?

because he is such a big boy, we went ahead and moved him out of his baby bucket car seat and into a new convertible car seat. we are in love with it, and signal seems to be too. he has way more room, and since it sits up higher, he can see over the back seat and out the rear window, which he likes. pictures of his très-cool car seat to follow soon.


Julia said...

Wow, he's HUGE! He completely looks like a toddler, like he's going to wake up from that nap and run across the room. Good job, guys! And good luck going back to work r. That's going to suck for sure, but sometimes an income is helpful.

BlogWhore said...

such a good dresser, too.