Tuesday, March 20, 2007

signal's new britax marathon

we bought signal a new car seat last wednesday, and then installed it on saturday. i say we, but really, i did it while m gave me directions and signal slept in the mei tai. point is, the new car seat is in and signal is loving it.

m researched car seats for hours before narrowing down our possibilities two two different seats. one possibility was the britax marathon, and the other was the sunshine kids radian. when i say hours, i mean hours. she was a woman obsessed. but she was concerned with getting the safest seat possible, so it was okay. she selected these two models because they provide a high weight limit for rear-facing signal, and featured EPS foam for protection in side-impact crashes. also, the britax can be tethered rear-facing, providing extra security.

we found a retailer in our area that carried both, so we set off to see which would fit best into our 2005 ford focus station wagon. It was nice of them to agree to let us try them in our car, since everything we read led us to believe that really, the safest car seat for your baby is a car seat with good safety features that can be securely installed in your car.

we took both out to the car, and immediately found that the sunshine kids radian was not a good fit for the car. to get the appropriate amount of recline needed when the seat is rear-facing, the front seats had to be moved up, which didn't really work for me as a driver. i think it would have been excellent as a forward-facing only option for us, but that isn't really what we were looking for.

the britax marathon, on the other hand, fit great. even reclined for rear-facing, there is space between the marathon and the driver's seat. with all of the safety features it has, we were sold. it is a rather pricey seat, but we loved it and felt really good about using it for signal.

then there was the question of colour. m had done the research, so she knew what colours it came in. we decided that the onyx would make the seat hot in the summer, and that neither of us liked the denim. the other two fabrics the retailer had in stock were the crocodile or cowmooflage. i let m pick. so, big surprise...

here's a pic of signal's seat without him in it

here's a shot showing how signal fits into the seat at the moment. the shoulder straps are in the lowest harness slots. there are three more harness slots above those to allow for growth.

and here is a pic taken with the back hatch open, showing how signal can now look out the back window while we drive. it also shows how much head room he's got.

we installed the seat using the LATCH attachments, and tethered it to a spot where the driver's seat is bolted to the car floor. that puppy isn't going anywhere. which is fine by us! all in all, for safety features and ease of installation, we highly recommend the britax marathon. yes, it is expensive, but you can use it up to 48 pounds. even with signal's amazing growth, that should give us a few years... we hope.

if you are looking for more information about car seats and want to see if a specific car seat will fit in your car, please check out carseatdata.org. m found it very useful during her hours of research.

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librariana said...

I think you bought the seat for the funky pattern.