Friday, March 02, 2007

with two librarians as mamas...

...who could have guessed that signal would love books?? :)

this post comes about after m read a thread on MDC where moms were discussing at what age their children started to like books for more than just chewing on. and it got us thinking. signal loves to be read to. he loves storytime, loves songs and rhymes, and really, really loves books. we get books out from the library every week, and he just can't get enough. so far he hasn't attempted to shove them in his mouth. he is content to just look at the pictures and listen to the words.

here are some pictures from a recent evening at grandrea's house where m and signal were enjoying sandra boynton's pajama time!

look at how cute he is! pausing from the story to look at the camera, even. can you tell he's been bombarded by picture-takers since the moment he saw daylight? such a ham...

right now, sandra boynton books are his favourite. he really likes moo baa la la la and fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy!. which is fine by m, who is a children's librarian. because she loves sandra boynton too!

also, signal really liked a book we checked out from the library this week called mooses come walking by arlo guthrie. if any of you have young children, m and signal highly recommend this book. the pictures are really cute, and the text is simple and funny. we want to buy it, we liked it so much. somehow i am thinking that we'll have to order it online, since every time m wants a kids book, they don't have it at our local indigo bookstore. she's not so into the popular stuff, m.


BlogWhore said...

my top three favs about raising maizie are

bathing with her.
sleeping with her.
reading to her.

she loves to read and i love to read to her. it's a match made in heaven.

read on, signal.

kidletsmum said...

Another reader here. The Kidlet was much like Signal at his age. She did go through an avid book chewing stage at about 7 months. It didn't dampen her will to read though, only our ability to make out the text on certain pages. But she is an affirmed book lover. One of her favourite places during our recent visit to England was the children's library in my grandparents' town.