Wednesday, April 18, 2007

sidecar update

Some of you may remember that in February, when Signal outgrew the bassinet attachment on his play yard, we sidecarred his crib to our bed.

I promised that I would let everyone know how it worked, and whether we all liked the arrangement. Well, after 3 months of having him right there beside me I am very happy to say that we all LOVE the sidecar. Having him so close means that if he is fussing, I can just roll over and pat his tummy, or give him his soother. This is great, because often times he doesn't even wake up fully and we can get him back to sleep quickly.

It also makes night feedings a lot simpler. If I was breastfeeding, it would really rock - I could just roll over and voila! But as it is, I can just give him his bottle and then put him right back down. No getting up and going to another room, no having to lean over his bed in a half-awake state trying to shush him back to sleep.

With the sidecar, I don't have to have those "is he still breathing" moments, and if he is sick I can be right there with him. Since he is teething and often generally unhappy because of it, he's not sleeping quite as well as he was before. I think that if he wasn't sidecarred, none of us would be getting much sleep.

In another co-sleeping discovery, Ru has become quite attached to Signal's Fisher Price Ocean Wonders aquarium. I often turn it on to the waves setting after a night feeding to help him get back to sleep. Turns out that Ru finds it very soothing too. She asked me yesterday if we could keep it attached to our bed even after Signal moves to his own room!


BlogWhore said...

my ofspring and I co-slept off and on for about five months.

some mothers, mostly the older breed, thought i was crazy.

it was awesome.

Alex Elliot said...

I love the ocean wonders aquarium! We have two of them. We have a co-sleeper and I really liked it.

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