Thursday, April 12, 2007

signal's new trick

Signal has now discovered a new trick. While drinking from his bottle, he feels the need to attempt to suck his thumb at the same time. This causes him to break suction and not actually be able to drink, but as far as we can tell he doesn't care. I think that he's probably doing this to soothe his sore gums. Poor kid's mouth is all swollen and drooly. Needless to say, feedings have been taking a bit longer than usual.

As an added bonus (?), Signal has also decided that he only wants his bottle cold - straight out of the fridge. I suppose that lazy parenting on our part may have brought about this development. When he didn't finish a whole bottle we'd put it in the fridge, and when he wanted the rest of it he was often in too much of a state to actually let me heat it. So cold it was. Again, I think he is finding the cold soothing on his gums.

Oh, the joys of formula feeding. Have I mentioned lately how much I wish I could breastfeed?


kidletsmum said...

The Kidlet went through that phase too... thumb in with nipple. I think they all go through it. Don't worry, it will pass. And feedings should become shorter again!
Dang, but Signal is a cutie!

librariana said...

K is biting on her nipple as she drinks - HARD. I expect to see the nipple torn off one of these days. Needless to say, I think I am okay about not breastfeeding! LOL!