Wednesday, April 25, 2007


When speaking to our chiropractor on Monday, she mentioned that teething and/or getting a tooth is often paired with other developmental milestones. Signal has been working at sitting a lot, but today when he was fussy, I tried something new. I got his Boppy from our bedroom, plunked it down on the floor with some toys, and sat Signal down. Boy, was I surprised!

It turns out that he is a much better sitter than I had imagined. With the Boppy there to keep him from tipping backwards and smashing his big old head on the floor, he did a great job!

He was able to sit forward and grab a toy that he wanted, and then right himself back into a more upright position. I think that he had a lot of fun, because he was able to get at a couple of different toys and see things from a new angle. I also think he liked being able to play with things and have a wider range of motion than when he is in his Bumbo.

Today he played on the floor with his Knot Block and his Fish Bowl. Tomorrow we're going to do some more sitting, playing with different toys. Since he expressed so much interest in S's soccer ball over Easter, I think I might break out his Taggies ball.

It is insane how fast Signal is growing. It already feels like his second lower tooth might be sprouting. As one of the moms at storytime said to me yesterday, at this rate he'll be full grown by the time he's 8! Every single day with him is so new. Sure, there are the not-so-fun moments when he's overtired and cranky, but mostly he's just awesome.


ru said...

wow! my baby is amazing! why didn't we think of the boppy before?! that's nuts!

Alex Elliot said...

It's so exciting when your kid reaches a milestone! Both of my boys liked being propped up and having one of those dangling gyms/floor mat in front of them. They were so used to lying underneath them and reaching up to grab the toys, that seeing the gym from a new angle was really great. In fact my 10 month still likes it even though he's somewhat mobile.

Julia said...

Wow, he's so grown up! And he's growing so fast! If I want to knit him something for his birthday or for Christmas I might have to aim for 3-4 year old sizes at this rate!

omaopa said...

love his sitness!!

M said...

Yay! Oma and Opa can comment! How fun!