Sunday, April 01, 2007

the week in review (photographic edition)

yep, this is going to be pretty much what it sounds like.

to fully appreciate this photo, you should open it up to full-screen size. it looks like he is sitting in a wind tunnel with his back to the fan!

thus we bought him a hat! actually, this is for this summer, to keep those evil uv rays off his face and out of his precious little blue eyes.

the boy has taken to reading like a fish to water. it is uncanny. i mean, he is not quite four months old. and look at him. he looks like he is actually reading.

here is signal in his new chair. we bought it for him at the one of a kind show. it converts from a chair to a rocker to a step-stool!

and here is signal reading to his mommy. she seems to be enjoying the story. it seems she thinks that the stars shine just for her...

all in all, a good week. what about work, you ask? eh, what about it?

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