Saturday, May 26, 2007


and thus is happens! signal enjoyed his first encounter with solid food last night, though i don't think it can be said that he particularly enjoyed avocado! but he gave it a good try, and we are proud of his efforts. here he is anxiously taking his first bite (he seemed to have no trouble with the spoon conceptually, which is nice):

and here he is, decidedly unimpressed with what was on that spoon:

for full effect, take a look at the video i took near the end of the whole experience. at this point, it was pretty obvious that signal has inherited m's aversion to avocado (at least for the time being). but he kept taking the spoon, i think because he hoped that we had put something else on it, like maybe a steak or a french fry!

if nothing else, signal seems delighted to no end with his high chair. after the four minutes of eating (a rather anti-climactic event in the course of the 5 hour evening!), we pulled him into the centre of the room in his chair where he enjoyed every last instant of being the life of the party.


Hedrey said...

Wow!! that's so cool, thanks for posting the video! feels like i was there. sorry I couldn't make it, but i will catch up with you folks for sure!!! good job on your first try!! try mashed banana, melted apples.. oooh my all the possibilities!!!! =)

omaopa said...

Sorry to have missed the event - it sounds like you had fun! from the look of signal in his chair after the event, I don't think he sustained any long-trem injuries from "avocad-no". To be truthful, I think he still has that great fesh hot-dog from last weekend on his mind!!!

kidletsmum said...

So cute! I hope he finds a food he likes better soon! The Kidlet was a huuuuuge spinach fan early on.