Monday, May 21, 2007

a brief account of the weekend

so this weekend was a holiday weekend here in canada. on this holiday weekend, every year, on saturday, montreal has its feis (irish-dancing competition) and on sunday, ottawa has its. and since monday is a holiday, no one is hurting too badly once all is said and done! so this year, as last year, m and signal and i drove to ottawa on saturday night after i finished work. we stayed with d/r/s and oma at r's apartment in downtown ottawa on saturday night. sunday morning, we all got up, did the giant bathroom dance (six adults, one baby needing a bath, one bathroom, dancing competition to get to - you can see how this might go!), and headed out to orleans to the high school hosting the competition. it was really a nice space. unfortunately, it was less space than they used to have at the old location, and so the day was really thrown off. s didn't end up dancing until well after lunch (we had arrived for 10am). and then it took forever for his results to be announced. (in fact, oma and i had to leave with the baby to go check in to the hotel before they were announced.) however, once they came out, everyone agreed they had been worth the wait - s got sixth place in a very tough competition! and one of the judges had placed him second in both hard and soft shoe!

congratulations, s!!

here is signal, bathing in the kitchen sink at r's

then we went to the lone star for dinner. signal sat in a high chair for the first time, and seemed really thrilled with the whole business. then went back to the hotel room and everyone schmoozed around for awhile. we watched something like four episodes of mythbusters in a row and then hit the sack.

this morning was a nice leisurely time back at r's apartment for breakfast. there were some nice photo opportunities with the fam before d, s, and oma had to head back to montreal for more dancing (practice for nationals this time) and m and i had to head back to toronto. signal got to sit in a high chair again at mcdonald's in napanee - and he enjoyed it just as much the second time around.

signal and oma

d, signal, s

signal was fantastically good all trip, really good-natured about being dragged around. he was particularly good considering he didn't get to spend any time at all on sunday NOT being held or carried by someone. and he slept reasonably well, considering again the circumstances - not at home, in a room with about 4 times as many people as he is accustomed to, not in his sidecar but in the pack 'n' play. all told, what a good boy! so to reward him, we gave him a photo shoot as "king of the marriott courtyard!"

long live the king!

signal in the car with chai, his well-loved monkey

and as further reward, when we got home this evening (around 6pm, not too bad, really), we took him out to the park. he has been out to the park before, but this time we stopped, took him out of the stroller, and put him on the grass to get a little closer to nature. we think he had a good time.

in the park with mommy

grass, you say?

mama picking dandelions out of my spit-beard!


Deranged Squirrel said...

I love those pictures! It looks like you had a lot of fun at the park. My favourite picture is the adorable one in the hotel.

pussreboots said...

So cute!