Saturday, May 05, 2007

got ya!

After much snapping of the camera over the last two weeks, I finally captured it! Here is a picture of Signal, complete with lower left front tooth.

The teething still seems to be going strong, but he's not in nearly as much pain as he was with tooth number 1. The lower right front tooth is now nearly though the gum, which means it should be fully visible by Oma over the long weekend and M'amie and Pappy in early June.

It is just crazy how quickly time flies by. A year ago, Ru and I were visiting my parents in Holland, and I was 10 weeks pregnant. And now we have Signal right here, and he's getting so big. I just can't believe it! From a tiny thing in my tummy to this:

in one short year. A baby capable of impersonating Jean Chr├ętien. It doesn't get much better than that.

UPDATE: for those who might not know what jean chr├ętien looks like...

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MadJenny said...

That's an uncanny impersonation Signal is managing there. Clearly an actor in the making too! Which is good, if the fringe theatre troop gets off the ground, we'll need some child actors.